Julie Hyndman’s poetry deftly engages us in a range of personal and natural perceptions. Her poems present both present and past personal and family relationships. Her perceptions of nature are equally consistent with her clear awareness of the perceiving self and the natural world. Her language throughout will also encourage a similar sympathy in the reader.
Bruce Dawe – author of Sometimes Gladness

In every present moment there exists an echo of the past and Pushing Shadows likes to play with these layers. Julie Hyndman is gifted at describing what’s in front of her, but the result is often the finely observed Now shimmering from whole lifetimes of Before.
Kristin Henry – author of Atheist in a Foxhole

Pushing Shadows is the perfect title for this collection of highly personal poems in which light and shadow often feature. Each poem has its own pace and rhythm allowing open and honest feelings to flow. The generous white space gives time for reflection between poems. After the final page, I found myself wishing for more. This is what reading poetry is all about, immersing oneself in the imagery and ambience created by a writer with a gift for language.
Jan Bentley -Creative Writing Tutor