10 Things I Found Interesting While on a Detox Program

Firstly, My Why-

Menopause, anxiety, husband working away (four weeks at a time, then back for one week, before he flew out for another four weeks again), home alone with two teenage boys meant I hadn’t watched my eating habits carefully enough.

One glass of wine occasionally, became two glasses more often.

Soon the kilos started creeping aboard.

Then one day…. enough, was enough. I needed to do something- I suck at a gym routine, and I dislike exercise intensely- much rather be writing or reading, and I know it’s all about food anyway.

A sign outside the local health food store was, indeed, a sign. A comprehensive three-week detox, with a maintenance program to follow, made us excited and impatient to get started.

(nutritionist Lynn Preece of ‘Kings Mountain’- no affiliation)


1- support is important. My husband, P, and I decided we would do this program together; if one of us forgot something the nutritionist said, the other would have remembered. We could chat about how we were feeling; whether it was wanting something totally inappropriate to the program and need help past it, or what we might particularly want to eat that day from the suggested menu, we could work it out together. To me, this made all the difference- that’s not to say it’s not possible to do alone, it’s just it helped both of us to keep going. Support can come from many directions and in many forms.

2-I am thinking more clearly. I feel much more focused. I can deal with all the things I want to get done in a day. Then, I’m more likely, and more easily, able to give myself a break and stop for a rest; just a ten-minute cuppa/book means I can be back on my feet again more quickly than pushing through (derh!!- a lesson I’ve been trying to learn for a lifetime)

3-I feel lighter- like I’m not carrying around a heaviness – not that I was hugely overweight for my height at 77.9kg and 178cm tall, but I could feel every one of the extra 10kg.

4-I’m sleeping better- I used to wake a few times a night and toss around trying to get back to sleep- add menopause to that and I was a stressed, sleep deprived mess. Each night I would go to bed exhausted and I would wake after 45 mins in a hot sweat, then at about 3am. The last few nights I have still turned over after 45 minutes, no hot flush though, then a quick trip to the loo at 3am then back to sleep straight away. This is absolute heaven!!

5-While out, shopping, having a cuppa with a friend (black, of course, tea, with stevia), I can smell food cooking. Why does food that’s bad for us smell so damn good? Now, I’ve begun to associate those smells with unwellness.

Seeing bars of chocolate.I asked

I asked myself, if I wasn’t on this detox program, would I really eat these foods anyway (eg; chips, cakes, biscuits)?

Well, no, I didn’t eat these kind of things before I started the detox program anyway so I wouldn’t want then now; I had been weaning myself off bread, pasta, cakes, biscuits, sugar in my tea, for a while now, so going without now is not so hard as it might have been.

6-after just eight days, I have lost 3.3 kg!!!! All that hard work, following the program to the letter, has paid off, and in just eight days!! Incredible!

I had hoped this might be the case; I know I used to be able to just stop eating the stuff that puts weight on and the kilos would fall off, but that was ages ago, I wasn’t sure my body would still be able to so quickly do this. So pleased that it does. This is such positive confirmation and encouragement to keep going!

7-feeling better- I did start feeling a little light headed, headachy and very weary the last few days – days 5,6, and 7- this could have also been the heat, because I feel better today- though if I do too much, walk up and down the stairs a few times, hang washing etc for 20 mins, I start to feel like I need to sit down.

But today, day 8, I feel so good!

8-releasing the sugar cravings- I really struggled with cravings – also at day 5, 6 and 7- pushing through seemed to be the best way to get past them. I’m so glad I did, I feel better for being strong and not giving into them. So proud of myself.

9- because we are eating such simple, some uncooked, clean foods, we are tasting food again- our taste buds have become so heightened for flavour, that even a plain 100g piece if chicken, with just salt and pepper, tastes incredible; green veggies cooked lightly in a little water/steamed taste amazing, especially when you know they are doing you good, helping the detox process and giving you all your nutrients. Food tastes, again!

10- it’s amazing what food you can live without- we’ve found we don’t need to eat some much. Sometimes we eat just cos it tastes good, or we see it in the cafe window, or there is that much on our plate, but we don’t really need it all.

We don’t need to eat some foods at all. All those foods we were eating before we started the detox program, like potatoes, toast, sandwiches, are foods we can exchange for healthy, weight loss options, we can, and are, living without.

11- (Ok, I did say 10, but thought of another one ) -inspiring others- friends and family see your commitment to a new you; they see your eating habits change, and also the human struggles to stick with it, perhaps start to think they should and could do it too. And they also see the weight fall off!!!


Two more weeks to go, and I’ll lose another 6.7kg, to make it 10 in total!!

Need more information? Email Lynn at Kings Mountain Detox (no affiliation, as I said- just passing on the good information)




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4 Responses to 10 Things I Found Interesting While on a Detox Program

  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Good on you Jules for finding and having a go at a new approach, using someone else’s expertise and perspective to further your own.
    We’ve been tweaking our lifestyle for a while but our move from city to country-coast has had the most benefit, we don’t have the opportunity living in a village 30 kms from town to eat out much, our funds are best applied to buying good food & cooking for ourselves… and for me there’s a lot more incidental exercise than at an office desk. Nothing is off limits but moderation suggests itself as the sensible option.

    • juliehyndman says:

      Thanks Dale!!! I’ve been tweaking my diet for a while- weaning myself off certain things which had crept in over the last 4 years of Paul working away, and now it was time to get stuck in!!!! It’s a strict detox/eating plan for 3 weeks then onto a maintenance schedule!! Feeling so much better for eating well :)) I love following your FB photos, so inspiring 🙂 Go you!!

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