Why FIFO- One Main Reason

The money, plain and simple, it is just too good to refuse.

We knew we had to at least try it.

We knew it would be hard, on all of us                  – Husband (‘he’ will be referred to as ‘Husband’ through this blog page)

He is away from us, away from his familiar surroundings, leaving his family and our relationship, to go to the far flung regions of Australia for a job

– our Boys, who are in or going into their teenage years, and need that male influence, especially their father’s

– Me, I’ll be taking on ‘all’ the jobs around the house, with the Boys, and working

But we knew we at to try it out, give a time frame, that if it didn’t work, for ANY of us, then he would finish up- money just isn’t worth ruining a relationship and family for.

We talked to the Boys, we set things up to make it easier for me (jobs around the house, dropping and picking up Boys etc) and for Husband (that he has all his creature comforts over there with him)

We make sure we talk regularly, via Skype if we can (internet out there is not always the best) and he calls when he’s in town.

So far, its ok, its not ideal, but…

I cope, very well, better than I thought I would, and the Boys do too, they’ve stepped up to take on jobs without complaining

How are you going?



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One Response to Why FIFO- One Main Reason

  1. ME says:

    We are also fifo. Two boys and our rostet is 3:1. We decided to do fifo because there wasn’t much work where we live. We have been fifo for 3 years now and we are going ok. Some days I want to stamp my feet like a two year old and tell him to come home, but other days we are fine. X

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