There is always something that appears, to challenge us while Husband is away.

This time it has been the weather, the rain in particular.

Clearing blocked drains, and emptying the lid on the top of the water tank, so the water can flow off the roof freely into the tank. Even if its filled to overflowing, it needs to go into the tank then out the overflow pipes attached to the main drain in the driveway.

But checking the lid is clear can be tricky; last time I climbed up the ladder, in the pouring rain, lifted the lid and one of the pipes came apart at its’ join, pouring water all over me.

Oh well, its only water I suppose, but trying to juggle staying on the ladder with putting the pipes back together, and clearing the leaves was difficult while trying to keep my self dry under an umbrella!

The umbrella didn’t last long; I was already wet, so I ditched it and got on with the job at hand.

This is usually a Husband job- he can, and does, get wet, but better him than me, I think.

Oh well, a warm shower and cuppa tea later, and all was right with the world again.

What has been your tricky moment, your challenge?

I’d love to laugh, oops I mean, hear about it!!!

Don’t forget to leave a comment below,

Fabulous J




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