Brisbane Writers Festival 2015

Presenting and signing at the Brisbane Writers Festival 2015 was a great opportunity to rub shoulders with other emerging writers and to catch up with writer friends, what a great day.

Julie Signing Brisbane Writers Festival 2015

It had been a big build up to pull a book together, and a fabulous deadline to work towards, but I made it!!
‘Pushing Shadows’ is a kind of ‘compilation’ of my early poetry and the front cover an original piece of my own Art work.
Wow, to put yourself completely out there is a big step- when someone (Lisa Harrison of POMO Creations) first suggested a create a blog page to post my writing, I panicked, ‘Someone might read it’, I said! Being at the Festival though, I was in the midst of other Putters Out There’, and I felt totally at home.
Speaking and reading out my work felt very comfortable, after all I was speaking about what I know; my own work, talking about writing, and all things literary- how could it go wrong (I told myself many times before the big day).
It was a big success, thanks to Fellowship of Australian Writers for their support, encouragement and opportunity !

Next gig- Toowoomba Writers festival in November this year- see you there!toowoombawritersfestival

Pushing Shadows can be bought through this link Pushing Shadows
email ME My Email to buy a signed copy!

I’d love to hear from you 🙂


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One Response to Brisbane Writers Festival 2015

  1. Flora says:

    Fabulous work at the Brisbane Writers Festival! Looking forward to seeing you in Toowoomba! I love your anthology. I have gone back to it quite a few times to read poems over again. I really enjoy the writing.
    Bisous from Paris xxxxx

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