Making Up Words- Part 2

I’ve come across a wonderfully new word this week- because you know how much I love making up words- I can’t take the credit for this one though,it’s from the Urban Dictionary)
Bedgasm (is perhaps a neologism -see previous blog post- it means ‘making up new words’) is a combination of two words. In the previously mentioned Urban Dictionary, the definition is ‘the feeling of climbing into bed at the end of a difficult day’.
What a fabulous word, it takes you immediately to the sensation of fabric, cool and soft, against bare skin, body responds with a deep sigh, and muscles relax into the sheets, head rests deeply on the pillow. Wonderful!

I’ve been so inspired by this word that I’ve made up some of my own-
showergasm– the euphoria of the first few secounds under the hot running water
teagasm – the first sip of hot, sweet tea- poured from a beautiful teapot, on a tray with teacup/sacuer/spoon, next sugar bowl and milk jug.Heaven!
champagne/winegasm– the first sip of cooled wine or chamagne
sungasm– the sun on your skin on a chilly winters morning- it’s like a warm blanket.
loungegasm– flopping onto the lounge after a big day creating the feeling of weightlessness.

I’m sure there’s more!

Can you think of some, please share the fun!


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4 Responses to Making Up Words- Part 2

  1. Anonymous says:

    good ones – how about artgasm?

  2. Creatopath says:

    chocolategasm – biting into a ferrero rocher

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