My First Writing Group

Writing Groups are a great place to keep us Creatively inspired and to meet with other writers, talk about your current project, your writing and life in general of course, but also to practise our craft and feed the Creative Mind.

I haven’t been part of a Creative Writing Group many years ago , when our boys were small: it helped keep the grey matter from fizzling out.
It was a wonderful group of amazing women, who could write as well! You see, a group of women is always, more than just about the writing (or the craft, or whatever it is which originally brought them together).
Just being around them, I learnt many things: about life, about the feminine strength, about ‘standing in’ who you really are- I felt ‘filled up’ by this group. Each day I came away more able to face the world again- and they taught me many things about writing too!

I wrote a lot in that time – I felt so inspired to keep on writing too – ‘I can really do it’ was one amazing realisation. That I enjoyed it, that I needed it too; my family could tell if I hadn’t had the chance to write; I would be a bit cross and cranky, the ideas and words built up in my writers brain; if I did have the chance to write, they could tell by my vagueness- it is difficult to return to the real world when you’ve been so deeply into the Right Side of your brain.
It became a need, like breathing, it became, and remains, who I really am.

I have recently found another wonderful group to be part of- we laugh, write and share our stories with each other- I’ve really missed that side of being a Writer; it’s important to get out and about, not spend all my time in my Writing head.

Are you part of a Writing Group?


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3 Responses to My First Writing Group

  1. I’d love to be part of a writing group – listening to other people’s stories and getting their advice on my stories. I will have to have a look at my local library and see if I can find one.

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