Writing It Out

An idea appears, sparked by something I’ve read, or heard or seen, won’t be put aside and demands to be written out-
This is what it feels like; a splinter which won’t stop smarting til I’ve worked it out of the layers of skin, or else the idea will change, alter then disappear altogether, never to be brought back to life with the same clarity or intensity again.
These ideas NEED to be, demand to be, written out; word after word, into lines which form paragraphs down the page- often I don’t notice how fast the words have been flowing; spreading across the paper like soft-leafed ground cover, untamed and free, with the possibility of bursting into flower.
If I don’t Write It Out, I can feel the sparks of inspiration building up behind each other like a traffic jam; new ideas wanting to come through, trying to force their way out all at once.
All the pushing and shoving can distort these moments of potential brilliance; they become bent, twisted, damaged, sometimes unrecognisable- wither and disappear altogether.
It is SO important to Write It Out; right there, at that moment, stop everything (except if you’re driving of course, then find the first place to pull over) and WRITE!
All of it, everything, every little image, emotion, any combination of words which appears to you, even if it doesn’t make sense, write it because it doesn’t make sense; all of it, in all its rawness, this is the best time to write it!
If you are short on time (the bus is approaching your stop, you’re in a queue at the checkout) then write simple notes; words only, which will capture and reignite the idea when you do find the chance to fully explore.
But as soon as you do, Write It Out.
I’ve had to pull over to Write It Out; before it’s lost, no matter how mad it sounds-or how mad it looks as I write away on the side of the road, who cares?? I’m more worried about losing a Moment of Possible Brilliance- I’ve jumped out of the shower soaking wet (why don’t they have water proof pens and paper, and why do these Moments of Brilliance happen in the shower??) to quickly Write It Out as the idea develops in my head faster than I can remember it!
The more you write, the more likely, and more often, More-Writing will flow out; like a muscle, the more you use it, the more you will use it!!
Don’t worry about perfection, nobody wants ‘perfect’, we want Raw, humaness (a word? it is now!!), which we can, and do, immediately connect to.
What’s your Write It Out moment?


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2 Responses to Writing It Out

  1. Love the splinter analogy Julie. One writing mentor told me it was like picking a scab and you had to keep going until you bleed!!

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