Def: when a set of circumstances or situations, even conversations, occur naturally, which have a similar or common theme/thread/topic/message.

For example, I was chatting with Mstr 13 Year old the other day about evolution, then an article of a similar vein appeared in the newspaper, and that night a program about Ancient Britain appeared on the TV- related topic? I think so!

Have you noticed this kind of thing happening? Do you take particular note when they do?

You don’t have to be totally focused, just to be a little aware that they can occur, be open to it occurring,  and they will show themselves to you.

When they do occur, take notice of them, have a ‘look’ at them,  see what’s happening.

Write each one down; what was it, when did it occur, how did it occur?

Then look at the common thread; what’s the theme which they all have in common, how are they connected, are they connected to something which is happening in your life at the moment, is there a message, is it something you’re meant to be learning from, is it challenging your opinion about something, or simply spiking interest?

Write it all down, keep a record of it all!

They could make an interesting article or essay, maybe it could become a story!

I’d love to read what you’ve discovered!


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3 Responses to Synchronicity

  1. Kathryn Hodges says:

    I love the idea of keeping a record, so that it’s a truth that can’t be denied.
    Mmm great idea!
    K x

  2. This does indeed happen to me all the time but i’ve never thought to write it down and keep a record, great idea 🙂

  3. The day my sister rang to tell me I was an Aunty again I was at the library with my two daughters. She told me that they had named their son Sebastian. After we’d hung up I looked through the boxes of picture books and chose one that caught my eye – it had won an award. As I flicked through the pages (about a pencil who drew a boy and then a rubber and then a paintbrush etc) I laughed when I came to the part about a ball (I think it was) wanting to be named and the pencil decided his name would be Sebastian. Coincidence?

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