5 Ways to Finish a Pastel- ‘Moonscape’


We are busy ‘Polishing Pastels’ at the moment, which means we are bringing in a picture we feel we need to fine tune in some way.

‘Moonscape’ needs a bit more work, I can see where now after taking a photo- its funny how looking at our work through a different medium can give us a fresh set of eyes!!

The top right hand corner of this picture actually looks green, I didn’t use green at all in this pastel!

So back to the drawing board,  to ‘fix’ this, while being careful not to ‘over fix’ it!!

5 Things I looked for when I reexamined this picture-

1-balance- is the horizon line in the right place

2-is the sky reflected correctly in the water below

3-is the land to the right in proportion so it it looks like land

4-I had to fix the cloud in the left hand sky- it wasn’t the ‘right’ shape, it ‘looked wrong’

5- is it ‘over done’- keeping it lose, gives a better ‘look’

Thanks for reading, see you next time!


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One Response to 5 Ways to Finish a Pastel- ‘Moonscape’

  1. Looks lovely. Very mystical.

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