Creativity Overload

I’d been feeling like I had too much ‘creating’ going on (oh what a thing to suffer from, you may say, but it was worse than having creative block) or rather too much going on in general.

I was feeling very overwhelmed and stuck in a place where I didn’t know what to do first.

I had all the time, finally, to be able to write and draw.

I had piles of writing to do, picture I wanted to create, books to read, articles to look at, til the creativity was coming out of my ears but I had no concentration, I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do fist, or what I ‘should’ do first, so I couldn’t settle to anything without thinking ‘Oh I ‘should’ go and do….’

I pretended this was really ‘procrastinating’, cos that’s part of the creative process. But my procrastinating was becoming more about wandering off topic altogether.

I’d find other ‘more important’ things to do, housework things, like wiping windowsills or dusting fans hoping that this would lead me to realise that I really needed to be doing was writing or painting.

I felt completely stuck in this pattern.

Then I came across (read; the world synchronised for this to happen, I know) Kama Frankling and her Life/Business Coaching Sessions (add link).

She helped me a lot- we finetuned what I really wanted and needed  to be doing , and then showed me  how I could achieve these by culling, prioritising and reorganising,  and then added a bit of structure and a schedule.

These ideas seemed totally at odds with my free flowing, no ‘time frame’ creativity. But I could see I needed something, and the ‘order’  the creativity needed to be able to happen .

The pressure and stress of the ‘Should’s’ that I had been feeling began to fade, and gradually I have been able to return to writing and painting again.

This blog post is my first for ages, and my ‘Moonscape’ pastel the first picture for a long while that I’ve really enjoyed creating. I can now look at the stories, articles and poems which need redrafting and editing.

Have you felt the overload, the pressure of the ‘Should’s’ before, how did you finetune the picture??


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3 Responses to Creativity Overload

  1. How wonderful that you are creating again. I look forward to seeing and reading your creations. Thank you so much for the mention. I am so glad the session helped. Have a fabulously creative day!

    • It was an enormous help, though the shifts were quieter and calmer than I thought they would be, which I am grateful for!! Feeling much clearer about where I’m headed, but with the courage to change with the creative direction if/when needed!!

  2. I think I need to work out some sort of schedule too as I’m spending all my time on the computer writing stories (which I love to do) however I want to leave time for reading, playing the piano and scrapbooking (which has fallen by the wayside). I always tried to get all the housework done before I sat down to but then I realised housework is never- ending and if I didn’t just stop where I was I’d never get on the computer. Now to check out your painting!

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