6 Reasons Why I Write with Pen and Paper

When you write a story or poetry or otherwise become creative with words, do you write by hand using pen and paper, or do you write on the computer?

This is why I prefer pen and paper-

-I find writing on the computer takes up too much of my left brain (the ‘uncreative’ side), and what I’m writing, the writing process itself becomes alot less free flowing, it loses its natural flow towards ‘something’, it becomes stunted, it loses my voice.

-I’m too busy ‘thinking’ about which key/letter to hit next, for my mind to be free to create

-I like feeling the pen in my hand, having the control, to form the words which appear in my writers mind

-I love the flow of words across the page

-there’s something about actually, physically drawing the letters, creating the words on the paper- like an artist and his paint brush, the putting ink on the paper by your own hand which is very powerful

-my hand (with pen) works WITH my mind- thoughts flow and my hand follows,  almost tripping over the words as they tumble out, they work well together,  a natural right-brain partnership.

So I scribble away on my notepad and pen, in the middle of the night, early in the morning, in the middle of grocery shopping….

When all creating work is complete, only then do I type it up and do the left-brain job of editing.

How do you work? Pen/paper or computer?

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7 Responses to 6 Reasons Why I Write with Pen and Paper

  1. Noela Ollenburg says:

    Me too…pen and paper… I will share a little secret with you. When I have ideas forming in my mind, I like to get them down quickly using felt pens to write (does not matter what colour, as long as it is not a dried up one). I find it very freeing and the ideas seem to flow easier. Maybe goes back to school days when the good ole Pentel felt pen was the writing tool of choice.
    Then when I am happy with my writings, straight to the computer to key it in. If I do not do it straight away, even I can struggle to read my writing anymore. It is always hurried and in a sort of short hand. (No, I didn’t write this with pentel first, as I am going out the door in a mo).

  2. Hmmm, have to confess I’m a computer girl! I can type much faster than I can write, so find that it’s the best way to keep the flow coming without worrying about the mechanics. If I handwrite my brain gets too far ahead of my hand and the words are dissolving before I can capture them. Then I have to turn my brain off and wait for the pen to catch up, which of course breaks the rhythm.

  3. I find it depends on what I’m writing. When I write songs, I tend to write with pencil on paper. I suspect pencil because I make a lot of changes and paper because I’m less tempted to just chuck it if it’s not working properly.

    When writing blogs, articles, letters, reports or what have you, I tend to type. I type way faster than I write, and I don’t miss out as many words – when longhand writing I can sometimes miss entire sentences out! It’s an interesting idea!! 🙂

  4. I looove my pen and paper…When I am brainstorming for my business I love to write everything down as it does seem to flow more effortlessly. It also feels easier to follow and I like to refer back to my notes often.
    I also love to still write handwritten letters to my beloved friends and family, it feels more personal.
    Great article 🙂
    P.S I am the wife of a FIFO too, I will pop over to your page and check it out x

  5. Occasionally with a short story (100 words) I will make it up in my head and go over and over it until I’m happy with it and then quickly type it up. However with longer stories I like to write it all down on paper and then I can add to it or delete things as I type it up. Over the Sept hols last year, I went away and didn’t take my laptop so it was great just to be able to sit down with my notebook and pen and come up with story ideas.

  6. Wow, everyone writes differently but the same too, kind of!!
    Love the great comments!
    I was talking to someone today who was reading a book written by a journalist of many years, and he wrote it all on the computer, I don’t know if I could produce good work by using the computer from the beginning, I think, later, as the work gets longer and you have to edit, then I’d type it up to move things around etc, but to produce creative type of writing I definitely need pen and paper!

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