Five Ideas to Write About in Your Journal

Sometimes it’s difficult to know what to write in your journal. It’s been a busy day, you’re tired, but writing will help you wind down and relax.

Sometimes ideas just pop into your head, unannounced.

These are usually the best ideas to work from. They’ve come from the creative side of your brain, they’ve come for a reason, they need to be taken notice of and recorded.

Even if they don’t become stories or poems etc straight away, write them down anyway, you can come back to them later.

That’s where Journaling is so brilliant, you never lose these sparks of inspiration if they’re written down.

But on those days where inspiration has not reached your tired busy brain, here are 5 basic ideas for everyday journaling

1. What are you grateful for that happened today.

2. How did it make you feel

3. What made you happy today

4. What made you angry today, and how can how change it- its good to acknowledge the difficult times but changing it into a positive is powerful

5. Was there something that you would change

These are just a few basic journaling ideas. They help to stir inspiration, get your pen moving and your mind into the right side of the brain.

Describe- show us, write a picture in the readers mind

Don’t edit, just write, no grammar corrections, no punctuation

I’d love to hear about it!

Thanks for reading 🙂


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6 Responses to Five Ideas to Write About in Your Journal

  1. Leonie Orton says:

    Thanks for the great advice Julie. So important to capture thoughts as they arise… Otherwise they just keep moving and then they’re gone. 🙂

  2. Leonie Orton says:

    Yes for sure… Did you ever see that TED Talk that Elizabeth Gilbert did about creativity? She refers to an interview she did with Tom Waits, they’re discussing how creative genius is like a ‘genie’ and you are the ‘channel’… He talks about telling his genie to come back at a more convenient time when inspiration hits while driving etc. Liked that a lot. 🙂

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