Journaling-‘Dictionary def: noun;a daily record, as of occurrences, experiences, or observations’

So, not  a diary which is more day by day  record of appointments, I mean a beautiful, full, busy collection of ‘stuff’ ( your writings, or ‘scribblings’ I like to call them)

– observations

– ‘ah-ha’ moments

-moments of synchronicity

– bits of conversation you’ve written down

– pictures that catch your eye

– pictures torn from magazines

– newspaper articles

These may become poems, stories, articles , essays…

Your journal could be a book or a folder, preferably a large one which is better for more storage.

but something that’s not too precious, you don’t want to be worried about ‘ruining’ it.

If possible these bits and pieces should be kept in chronological order, it’s not compulsory, its more for looking back to see its relevance to that specific moment in your life- being able to fully place the importance of why you kept a particular piece, grounding it it in the life you were in then.

You ‘could’ start with the doings of the day, what happened today, how you felt about it, and then let your pen wander to the far reaches of your mind.

There is no right or wrong way to keep a journal – you can write, scribble and draw in it, you can cut and paste pictures and articles about anything onto its pages.

It’s an informal atmosphere, with no pressure of ‘should’. Whatever feels right to you is right for you: if you want to draw in it, or doodle, or simply write, its ok!

The more regularly you ‘journal’ the more relaxed you mind will become for the next time: each time your mind will find it easier to click into writing mode, simply because it’s been given that time.

So, do it as regularly as you can – first thing in the morning  is a good time, before your feet hit the ground.

Keep pad and pen on your bedside table.

Could you take picture and share with us?IMG_1711[1]

Here’s mine- a 250 page spiral book, so I glue and paste, tag with sticky blue labels to edit and post here. It can become pretty full!!IMG_1710[1]

Happy Journaling!!!



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2 Responses to Journaling

  1. Hmmm…..I have never thought of myself as a journaller, but I do write a lot of stuff down in a variety of notesbooks, whiteboard and blogs! I’ve been thinking of writing my memoir, so maybe it’s time to get a little more serious (and have fun with it of course!). Love your heavily laden journal Julie!

    • Thanks Krishna, I have a few that look like this now, I collect and go through them now and again to ‘tag’ stories, poems, articles for editing- they are a great place to ‘get all the best out of your head’ in!
      Memoirs writing is exciting. Don’t have to start at the beginning, just start, anywhere, just write it down. Look forward to see some!!!

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