2013- New Year Intentions

Is it just me or does the number 2013 not sit well with you either, the number 13 associated with bad luck (not that I’m convinced of that kinda thing)?

Perhaps its because its the ‘Year of the Snake’? Last year was my year, Year of the Dragon, snakes and dragons do not sit well together easily, we have to work at it, compromise.

I’ve been setting some ‘intentions’; like New Year’s Resolutions but less confining, than actual rules-like in the movie ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, their rules are more guidelines.

This year I’ve been sitting with Leonie Dawson’s Life Yearbook.

She takes you through a goal setting process- like a step by step guide but easy, relaxing, not stressful, to pull out some goals/intentions, to help you find the path towards realising them-there are lots of books like this out there, but I found this to be the most easy-going (although it looks a little airy fairy for me, but fun all the same) while still keeping you grounded  and on track, with lots of though provoking points and suggestions.

I’m enjoying the challenge and have also realised that I am already doing quite a few of her suggestions, which is great, it means on already on the way.

At the begining of December last year I signed onto the Word Count Challenge with Fellowship of Australian Writers Queensland. In their monthly SCOPE magazine the challenge is to write 10,000-15,000 words between beginning December 2012 and end of January 2013, that’s only 250 words a day.

There are no restrictions on what you are allowed to write, poetry, stories, a novel you’ve had buzzing round in your head, journal entries; anything and everything, just putting words down is the aim.

So far I’m doing well, and on track- the more you write the more you write, right??

I’ve also started a Photo challenge run by Project Life 365– they have a list of daily prompts, take a photo of your subject, using your iphone or instagram, and post them onto their page. (see following post for some of the photos I’ve taken following the themes provided)

It’s a lot of fun, gets you thinking, and you can check out what others have achieved.

A Gratitude Jar is the next new thing for my New Year intentions- each day I put a sentence or two down on a scrap of paper and add it to the jar- this helps you focus; on what you do have and not what you ‘want’.

Also, I’ve made a list of Daily Writing Tasks (again, no stress, more a guideline!) which I look at each day and try to complete- if I don’t, then that’s ok too!-

For example, – look at notes I may have made yesterday or in the middle of the night and expand on them- for a story, or a poem, article or essay?

-Project Life 365 photo

-Complete Leonie’s Yearbook and set tasks/goals, see To Do List Book regarding these daily

-Gratitude Jar

-journal entry? is there something I’d like to record

-any blog/Facebook post ideas?

These are ticked off as they are completed or left on the list for the next day/time.

Then, I am also continuing with my Art/Pastels class, hopefully advancing to the Thursday Group which is less tutored and more mentored, and drawing more at home not just as part of the class.

Sewing and Crocheting- finish the Quilt of Many Pieces which is not finished and has been sitting for ages- its made up of off cuts of fabric I have collected from various places (secound hand shops, abandoned projects. I’m sewing them all together in a mixed and matched kind of way, , not all neatly measured and placed carefully together, some are not the same size, but they all somehow go together.

– crocheting squares to make a rug, with crochet flowers on some of the pieces.

So the year is off to a flying (slow and low flying, non-stressful start) and we’ll see how it unfold!

Have you set any intentions? I’d love to hear about them

Thanks for reading 🙂


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4 Responses to 2013- New Year Intentions

  1. Flora Fascinata says:

    I love it all, you beautiful yogini. I am going to start a Gratitude Jar! Looking forward to reading more of your writing posts. Happy New Year! Xx

  2. Thanks beautiful!! You enjoying your hols!!??
    I forgot to add my art and sewing too!!
    What you up to??

  3. Ah yes, the blessed gratitude jar. Thankyou for reminding me!! I think I will create a pretty one with the children xx This year I really want some help with my business, instead of doing it all myself. It has grown, but will plateau without support, so that’s a biggie on my list this year!

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