How To Choose A Good Book

The other day a friend and I were talking about how we pick the books we read.

When looking for a book, either in a book shop or at the library, how do you chose?

Do you-

-go by the cover– if it catches your attention you pull it from its place on the shelf for a closer look?  Many good books have been chosen for their ‘cover appeal’.

the author– his/her name may be familiar to you, you’ve read him/her before and have a connection and a level of trust with the author- you know how they write.

read the ‘advert’ on the back of the book. This may be a general overview of the story, a ‘teaser’, or it may have a few very short sentences of praise for the author from other authors.

– do you simply chose the book by the title? It sounds like a story you would like to read.

– chose a book because you’ve read a review of the story.

Of course, these do not guarantee the quality of the writing or the interest of the storyline.

Here is a simple way to choose a good book – 

– pick up the book

– go start to the first chapter (don’t read the back cover)

– read the first page or page and a half

– skip ten pages, read another page/page and a half

-if you’d like to know how the author is going to take you from the first page to page ten, then this is the book for you, because….

Already you will have a ‘feel’ for the writing, an insight into the storyline, a connection with the character, it should have already stirred your interest.

Try it next time you’re are looking for a book, let me know…

Thanks for reading!!!


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