What’s on Your Bedside Table?

When we pick up a book, we intend to read the whole book, right?

Have you ever thought of reading part of the book;  the first few pages, or chapters, or right in amongst the middle pages?

Sometimes I’m feeling lazy or I don’t have chance to give a book the time it truly deserves. A good hour is needed at the beginning of a story to give it a chance to truly hold you;  to get to know the style of writing of the author, to understand the characters, and become part of the storyline.

I sometimes find the ‘vehicle’ the authors uses for his/her voice, (that is; the story itself) may not be  interesting, but I’d still like to hear the authors unique voice; to ‘feel’ the authors writing, get a taste for the ‘way’ they write,  without having to go through the whole ‘beginning, middle and end’, or become entwined in the characters lives or the storyline.

I picked up ‘Moll Flanders’ by Daniel Defoe. A period drama was just what I felt like being part of for a while.

I dived right into the middle pages, like into a deep warm pool, and it was quite a revelation.

To ‘hear’ the ‘old’ language is somehow grounding and reassuring in our fast world of computer, mobile phones, social media and TV, with its tiny snippets of information bites.

It’s a simple language, but full of explanation of every little nuance; around the subject, character and story.

It has a naive beauty to it.

It’s the kind of writing I often go back to read- Jane Eyre is a favourite, and Wuthering Heights; written well, with ‘real’ endings.

It’s comforting, remembering that we use to have the time to fully discuss things, when life was slower, quieter, calmer; a beautiful language which isn’t found in books written today.

Try it! Let me know what you think!

What’s on your bedside table?


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