A Bit Stuck and A New Creative Outlet

I’ve been feeling a bit stuck lately, in the ‘creative’ writing area- this is a different part of writing, different from blog writing, and from article and essay writing; its where my stories and poems come from, even from where the weird stuff sometimes appears!

I decided that instead of forcing it, I would help it, let it ‘go’, let it breathe, let it ‘be’ what it is. If it wasn’t coming I decided that its ok, it obviously isn’t meant to at the moment.

The creative outpouring is powerful, when it happens, lately it isn’t coming- I wonder if its because I’m blogging a lot? Could be. Oh well, that’s whats important at the moment, that’s what IS coming out! So let it flow.

But I’m missing that creativity, being in the space where it quiet and meditative.

Then Jeanne Treloar of http://www.witchwords.com was talking about her creative outlet, Pastels, and I remembered I’d seen a newsletter with a class starting called Foundations of Drawing’ so i took this as a bit of a sign (cos I’m quick like that!).

What an amazing class! Carolyn Sheather www.sheatherart.com/ the teacher/tutor/mentor/funny/inspiring, took us (sometimes by the hand, sometimes kicking and screaming, by the scruff of the neck!!) gently, kindly, through the basics of Drawing, from the very beginning of how to hold a pencil, to the paper to use, shade, tone, shape,etc etc.

I was/am blown away!! Love it, love it!!!

Then the class ended, just like that! No more!!

She suggested I join the Pastels class on  a Friday morning, so (kicking and screaming) I agreed to ‘give it a go’, and, guess what? I haven’t looked back.

I’ve even embraced the Dragon of Self Doubt’, that moment when you’ve blocked in the colours- ‘generally dump the colours where they approximately go and then they need shoving around’ to quote Carolyn!) and, ‘Yikes, now what?!’ screams at you-thats the Dragon breathing down your neck!! Carolyn steps in and guides/suggests/shows you what to try next!!

Now I bring a saddle with me for that Dragon. So when he appears, I throw it on him and ride off into the sunset- or rather, into the creative horizon of shoving colours, blending darks and slowly revealing the picture appearing from beneath the fibres of the page.

Do you have another creative outlet? What is it, and did you find it?

I’d love to hear your story!

Thanks for reading 🙂




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9 Responses to A Bit Stuck and A New Creative Outlet

  1. EllaDee says:

    Great post. Interesting “creative” for me is blogging and my muses are evidently elsewhere at the moment. They tend to not compete with my day job which is a little busy currently but leaves me enough time for reading & commenting on the posts of the wonderful bloggers I follow – sowing seeds in the WP blogging community garden as I see it. I’m going to take a few days out over the long weekend plus, and not take the laptop as there’s no internet coverage anyway and I bet those muses in their feline-like way will reappear and wrap themselves around my ankles until I pay them attention and get my notebook & pen out 🙂

  2. allpoetryandcreativewriting says:

    I hope those feline- like creative muses do wrap themselves around your ankles- I look forward to reading them!!!!

  3. Helen says:

    Hi Julie, For me … being creative is writing, painting, drawing, taking photos, knitting, crochet, needle point, sewing and quilling. I ususally have 3 or 4 projects going at once to just keep the interest going. Sharing with others like here with you is one of the greatest pleasures and after I’m usually all buzzed up to do some hand work. Thank you for inspiring us to do more 🙂

    • allpoetryandcreativewriting says:

      Helen, great you feel inspired by my blog page- thats kinda of the aim, as well as keeping me on track!! Thanks for being here!! You sounds like a very busy person, I love having a few things going at once as well, I used to think I was a little bit mad but soon realised that there is a little bit of madness in every creative person- I love that about us!!!! Tell us more about your writing?! 🙂

  4. Kathryn Hodges says:

    A saddle for the dragon.
    Amazing imagery. That will stay with me.
    K xxx

  5. When I’m not at the computer typing away, I’m downstairs at my desk scrapbooking. Can take hours just to complete one page but it’s lots of fun deciding on colours, papers, ribbons, embellishments etc.

  6. Unplugged says:

    Music & Blogging!! Both are new in my life but I am loving them! It’s fun discovering my blogging ‘voice’ too.

    • allpoetryandcreativewriting says:

      Wow thats awesome- look forward tor reading more of your blogging,you have a beautiful voice Shelby!!
      I’m feeling a bit uninspired at the moment, so going with it and letting go for a couple of days, letting what will be, be.See what happens x

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