First Prize FAWQ Poetry Presentation and Art Gallery Visit

Saturday morning and we (my Mum) headed down the highway to Brisbane for the FAWQ (Fellowship of Australian Writers Queensland) Lover of Good Writing Poetry Competition 2012 Presentation.

I won First Prize! Yay!

It’s very exciting to have all your hard work recognised, by other writers. It gives validation and encouragement to us writers, to keep going.

After some formalities of a monthly meeting, Jennifer (the Treasurer and the competition judge) stood up and gave a beautiful speech about how she chose the winners of the 2012 Lovers of Good Writing Poetry Competition; she spoke about each poem, what they were about, the story behind each one.

The winners were then presented with a certificate and a lovely cheque, then invited to read their winning poem.

I had to decline, I had become very emotional after Jennifer’s speech; tears stuck in my throat and I couldn’t have read mine out without completely loosing the plot. Jennifer was quick to recognise this and stepped up for me.

Each poem was very different; in voice, style and subject. Each matched the writer perfectly; their individual voice could be heard very distinctly within the lines of their poem.

A group photo of the winners followed then time for a cuppa. We met and mingle with some interesting and beautiful people.

FAWQ are such a welcoming group, Mum and I felt comfortably absorbed into their company. So many different people there, with different writing styles, it was a fantastic afternoon. Monthly meetings are held in the Community Meeting Room at the City Library, Brisbane, opposite Southbank.

P.S.-  Before the presentation at 3pm we visited the Art Gallery at Southbank. A special exhibition called ‘Modern Woman’ displayed pictures from and of women of Paris in the 1880-90’s.

So amazing to be in such a cultural creative space, just soaking up the atmosphere, the silence, the appreciation for such incredible artists!!

Drawings of charcoal, pencil, ink, pastel; with simple lines or more complicated blending. This mixed well with my recent enrolment into Pastels Classes with Carolyn Sheather

Great inspiration!

Have you been to see something like this recently, to help keep you inspired? I’d love to hear about it!

Thanks for reading 🙂


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4 Responses to First Prize FAWQ Poetry Presentation and Art Gallery Visit

  1. EllaDee says:

    Your enthusiam and posts are inspiring, and it’s great you felt so comfortable and were able to be there with such a a supportive group… Try practising in front of the mirror for your next award acceptance… it may work or may not – when I try it for when I have to speak publicly (you know I have no problem speaking in private!) I’m still terrified…

    • allpoetryandcreativewriting says:

      You, terrified??? Can’t believe that! It was more the emotion of hearing somebody interpret your work, and hearing about my Dad and Grandpa always stirs very strong emotions. I think I would have been fine otherwise! I’ll have to wait til there is a next time!!

  2. Julie can we read which one was the one that won? Can you share with us here? Would love to read and a very big Congratulations xxx

  3. allpoetryandcreativewriting says:

    Thanks Kylie!!!! Its STILL very exciting! yep, the winning poem is on a previous blog called ‘Winning Entry’ is the ‘link’ !!! Loving your blogs Kylie and the great magazine!!!!! Well done!!

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