Wow, What a Week!

This week has been amazing!

I won a Poetry competition- an annual Fellowship of Australian Writers 2012 Poetry Competition- I am blown away.


All that sitting alone, in a darkened room, scribbling away, mental acrobatics, putting the mind pictures into words…

The response from people around me has been wonderful. The number of people who have sent messages of congratulations, and ‘like’d as well, has been staggering.


At the beginning of this year I decided, not to have resolutions , instead I had a REALISATION– that if I was going to do anything with my writing, my writing had to become a priority.

So I made writing my Number One ‘thing I do’ (well, I have to eat too, so ‘working’ has to interrupt now again).

I resolved to write way more than I ever have; blogging has helped me sit and have something ready every week, but I had to do more ‘creative’ writing.

Poetry or short stories, articles/essays, anything!

I also needed to be sending them ‘out there’,  to get them working. If they were going to be taking up mind space and desk space they had to earn their keep.

So I’ve been sending them off everywhere, and well, just about, anywhere!

But I was so completely chuffed when the phone rang on Tuesday and a lovely voice told me the good news.

It took me a while to process it, but then it hit me; I’d won!

Presentation night is Saturday, in Brisbane, at the library in George St, would love to see you there! It will encourage me, to have the courage to go!! If that makes sense!

Well, back to the grind stone- for the next winner to flow forth, paper and pen at the ready!!

Thanks for all you support, it helps a writer keep going!

Thanks for reading, see you next blog post 🙂


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11 Responses to Wow, What a Week!

  1. yellowlancer says:

    Have a great time at the presentation! A bit far for me to travel 🙂 but I will be thinking of you – enjoy every second 🙂

  2. EllaDee says:

    I’m hoping that isn’t surprise I hear – your win is well deserved, as are the accolades. Enjoy the presentation night 🙂

    • allpoetryandcreativewriting says:

      Yes, EllaDee, I know, we down play ourselves!, thanks for the support and the encouragement!! Hows your writing going?

      • EllaDee says:

        The muses are amusing themselves elsewhere this week but that’s ok – it’s given me time to explore the wonderful wordpress world…

    • allpoetryandcreativewriting says:

      Dale? Is that you??

      • EllaDee says:

        Jules, yes it’s me, me who can now say I know an award winning poet 🙂

      • allpoetryandcreativewriting says:

        I had NO idea it was YOU!!!! How completetly wonderful (oo what a word but cant find another for now!!) to met up here!! And You gave me the encouragement award- a big mwuh (kiss) to you my lovely!!

      • EllaDee says:

        So funny… I thought you knew :0

      • allpoetryandcreativewriting says:

        No, absolutely no clue at all!!! ‘Award winning poet’ thats funny!! When Paul asks me to pass the salt (for example) my reply is ‘Do you know who I am???’ hee hee, it wont last long though?!

  3. Nate Shenk says:

    That is so exciting! Congratulations!!

    • allpoetryandcreativewriting says:

      Thanks Nate. Its always exciting I think, for your work to be recognised by other writers as something special!!
      Back to the drawing board to write another winner!
      Are you working on something at the moment? as well as the blog I mean??

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