I love writing about these- the little ‘goings-on’, sometimes bigger ‘goings-on’, with a common thread/theme, they occur at around the same time- it’s called ‘synchronicity’

You know what I mean?

(Hey, they should get somebody to write a song about that!!

Oh, but who would we get to sing it????

Hee hee….’The Police’ do it so very well!)


For example–  I was at the gym the other day,  I didn’t want to just do another boring walk on the treadmill; I had my new trainers on and I wanted to ‘really’ try them out. So I headed out the door and up the road. My feet felt the difference- I was walking differently.

Away from the traffic and into the sunshine, I followed the path, where I hadn’t been before- it was great!

I thought this is a different walk as well.

Later, back at the gym, I started talking to an older lady who comes in now and then. She was telling me about her life, how she met her husband; he came from Russia but escaped to Finland before the war set in.

I thought- I’m taking a walk in her shoes- another kind of walk, another different walk.

So, a story has come from that!

Keep looking for them. They happen all the time, you’ve just got to be open to the possibility and you’ll see them.

When you do

-write them down

– keep them in a file


These little moments become-




-short (or longer) stories

Write them

-as if they are happening right now, like a conversation

– analyse perhaps, lightly though

– find words to describe

– how it feels

– how it smells

-what mental pictures it stirs…


Don’t keep them to yourself, share them!!


Thanks for reading.

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2 Responses to Synchronicity

  1. Amanda candy says:

    I live my life experiencing a lot of syncronicity when you allow things to happen life falls into a beautiful place and there is sense of calm that comes with it. Thx for tha article lots of ideas.

  2. allpoetryandcreativewriting says:

    Thanks for visiting Amanda! Yes, I find these all the time. I used to think it was just me, but they are everywhere and everyone can see them if they look! :))

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