Where Do You Start a Story?

Do you begin writing a story by writing the climax first?

Do you begin with the beginning, or do you start with the climax?

I think there isn’t a right place or a wrong place.

I also think we should aspire to write from that ‘right’ place before we can call ourselves ‘writers’?

I think it’s impossible to surmise, by simply reading his/her finished work, where the author has begun.

I write from the subconscious; I start from the idea which popped into my head, and I go wherever it leads, usually in a forward motion, adding to ‘the end of it, or sometimes I fill out the middle, sometimes I add to the beginning, depends on what appears to me, but NEVER with a set plan, I go with the flow and write whatever ‘feels’ right.

How do you write? Do you start at a particular point?

Leave a comment to let me know…I’d love to hear about it!

Thanks for reading!


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2 Responses to Where Do You Start a Story?

  1. Kathryn Hodges says:

    Hi Julie,
    I love your blog, and thank you for your comments on mine. Always gives me a big smile.
    As you would know (by reading) I don’t write stories or write creatively. And yet I write, because it moves something in me.
    Where do I start? I often get a thought, a string of words, that just seem to build in intensity, until I feel myself saying “Alright – I’ll write about i”. For example – this week’s is already here “changing pace”. I just need to wait until Saturday to give those words to the wind, like shaking out a sheet or a blanket in the breeze, and see where they take me.
    Keep writing. It adds to the good in the world.
    K xxx

    • allpoetryandcreativewriting says:

      Yes yes thats exactly how you do it Kathryn!! BUT DON’T WAIT, run into the Ladies, even, with a pen and paper and put them down RIGHT NOW!! By Saturday they are gone!! Please I beg you do it NOW!! (only being selfish; ‘I’ dont want to miss your wonderful words!! x

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