Good Writing Practices

Great advice from Jodi Picoult ( author of My Sister’s Keeper)-

‘What advice would you give aspiring writers?-

Write, every day, even if it’s just for 20 minutes. Don’t answer the phone, don’t talk to your mother, etc.

Take a workshop writing course, so you learn to give and get criticism and be your own best editor. And when you reach the point where you think your story is truly the worst piece of garbage created and want to throw it out…don’t.

What you’re REALLY afraid of is finishing and finding out you’re not as good as you assumed you are. Instead, you should finish that story and edit it until it is flawless, and something you’re satisfied with. Otherwise, you’ll never believe you can actually finish any piece of fiction.

 And read- a ton. It will inspire you to be just as clever, prolific, and eye-opening as the authors you admire.”

Do you have a set pattern of when you write- do you set time aside or ‘go with the creative flow’ ?

Thanks for reading!


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