Becoming a Writer

I’m a writer!!

It’s taken a long time for me to be able to say that.

Why is it that I’m proud to say I’m a mother, and it’s so hard to say ‘I write’?

I think because people don’t quite know what ‘being a writer’ means.

I love words, I love moving them around, making the sentence more powerful or changing the emphasis.

Words have helped me- from when our two sons were very young, they saved me from the everyday routine of children (not that I begrudge that) by keeping my brain challenged.

I joined a writing class at the local Adult Education where i met like minded people. We had an incredible teacher-  she gave us homework each week. I dreaded the holidays when we didn’t have classes, because I enjoyed it so much.

Getting the grey matter working again was life changing.

I’d mentally write poems and stories while bathing the boys, or rocking them to sleep. Even mentally editing as they dozed off to slumber-land. Then while they slept, I’d become absorbed in the wonderful land of words.

Today it is a big part of my life; like eating and sleeping, I have to do it.

If my boys can’t find me easily, they know to find me in my writing room!

Because I’m a writer!


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Writing, poetry, art and life in general
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