Started the day…

Started the day with some exercise- once my body is ‘zinging’ it seems to free my brain for creative thinking.

Decided that I need to stop ‘checking in’ on the internet each time I sit down to write. This is totally the wrong thing to do; it engages the wrong side of the brain.

I love the ‘aloneness’ of writing but still need the contact with other writers, we need to bounce off each other, to check where we are at.

The Creative Penn, which I mentioned in the last blog, has been an amazing place to find. Joanna Penn is so approachable. She has lots of info on her site too.

Today, I’m working on another poem from ‘the pile’- it has a dog in it, but feel it takes away from the rest of the poem, its become unimportant to the main theme, so I’m removing it today and see the effect it has;  I love having a ‘job’ to tackle for the day!

Happy writing…


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