A New Year and a New Beginning

Rather than make a New Years Resolution, I’ve had a ‘realisation’-  my day job supports me, but I need to be writing

For a while there, I thought I may have two jobs; one of paid employment (and use the knowledge from my chosen field to write ebooks and blogs etc) and one of my creative writing passion (which would also include ebooks and blogging but much more…), but they were both fighting for space; in conflict, and nothing was getting done; they were both stagnating. It caused a lot of pain and angst.

After reading a recent blog by Joanna Penn from ‘The Creative Pen’, it suddenly hit me; I’m not following my passion. Even though I love my ‘job’, after all it has brought me to this place, but it is not where I want to be, where I want to put my energy, its not where I want to be everyday- I want to be diving into words, creating pictures!!

So I’ve decided, I’m letting the job be a job and plunge into creative writing-  see where that takes me this year!

My goals-

– to conquer the editing fear and finish the pile of poetry ideas and notes to a standard I’m happy with.

– to put them into an e-book and publish them online.

– to write everyday for 15 minutes- using a word plucked randomly from the dictionary, or use a phrase from a Writers Magazine I subscribe to.

– enter a lot more competitions this year.

How’s that for a start to 2012!!! And it’s only the 3rd day in!

What are your writing goals for this year?


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4 Responses to A New Year and a New Beginning

  1. Kylie says:

    I am on a similar journey…I can envisage a coffee catchup about this?

  2. Kylie says:

    Hey there Julie!

    My writing goals for this year are to keep writing – my main outlet is my food blog – and to trust that there will be an audience. That I must just try to write as comnfortably, conversationally and entertainingly, and not for any other motive except to engage my reader. I hope it works. I am keeping the nego monsters in my head at bay…most of the time.

    Kylie 🙂

    • allpoetryandcreativewriting says:

      I’m trying to use prose in my more ‘creative’ writing here as opposed to my business conversation writing on my sunshinecoastremedialmassage blog page. Happy writing!

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